Armagh IRSP remember Seamus Grew and Roddy Carroll on 40th anniversary


On the slopes of Mullacreevie Park in the ancient city of Armagh 40 years ago this week. A unit of RUC killers, trained and equipped by the SAS waited in the shadows for the arrival of local men Seamus Grew and Roddy Carroll.
Both men were to the forefront of Republican Socialist militancy in the wider Armagh area (on both a military and political level) and both were loyal to a movement who in previous recent years had seen an asserted wave of state assassination launched upon leading members of both the INLA and IRSP.

In what remain contested circumstances, we know that an RUC ‘E4A’ unit launched a murderous armed assault upon the car within which both unarmed men were travelling. Deliberately ending their lives and bringing to an end one of the most audacious militant units in modern Irish Republican history.

It was an immeasurable loss to both their families, to the Armagh community and indeed to the wider Republican Socialist movement.

On Sunday 11th December 2022, almost exactly forty years to the day following the murder; friends, family, residents and fellow Republican Socialists of the IRSP gathered on the very same slope in order to pay tribute to their memory.
The small event was organised by the Tommy Trainor IRSP Cumann Portadown and was joined by party members from across the six counties.

The chairperson took the opportunity to acknowledge the suffering and struggles of the bereaved families assuring them that “on every year and on every national occasion, Seamus and Roddy’s memories are kept alive and with great pride on the Roll of Honour of Irish Republican Socialism”.

Following a brief explanation and recap on the history of events and the characteristics, politics, and commitment of Seamus Grew and Roddy Carroll. Sean Carlin of the IRSP Ard Comhairle reminded those gathered that despite the turbulent decades which Republican Socialism had experienced since, the party of Seamus Grew and Roddy Carroll remained active and committed, concluding that “As with 1982, when no amount of RUC dirty tricks could kill the party of Connolly and Costello, so to will any attempts by their successors in the PSNI fail today”.