The Irish Republican Socialist Party was formed in 1974

Welcome to the website of the Irish Republican Socialist Party; the home of Republican Socialism in Ireland.

We make no secret of the fact that we are a revolutionary party, prepared to give leadership on the streets as well as in the elected chambers. We are out for a revolutionary state in the form of a 32 County Socialist Republic.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party was formed in 1974 by republicans, socialists and trade unionists who believed the class struggle and the Irish national question are one in the same.

Since then the IRSP has campaigned and agitated around the core issues of ending the British occupation in the North of Ireland, building socialism and opposing all foreign interference in the affairs of the Irish people

Current IRSP campaigns

The IRSP call for a Broad Front campaign to end partition and the creation of a 32 county Socialist Republic. We currently support calls for a Border Poll on Irish Unity as a mechanism to end partition and support the YesForUnity campaign.



The IRSP campaigns for the establishment of a national housing commission consisting of representatives of the construction and housing industry along with trade unions to provide housing based on need and not profit.


The IRSP support an all Ireland Socialist economy with all national natural resources, banks, insurance and industrial businesses under state control.


The IRSP campaign for an all Ireland carbon zero energy infrastructure utilising state owned renewable energy resources including wind, solar, tidal, hydrogen and Nuclear.


The IRSP campaign for an all Ireland transport infrastructure including an all Ireland rail system based on a carbon zero transport strategy.



The IRSP calls for an all Ireland Education and training system free at the point of entry to the highest level.


The IRSP campaigns for an all-Ireland Public Health Service and care system, free at the point of entry.


The IRSP support full rights for the LGBTQ+ community, full womens rights and Irish Language rights across the island.

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Ireland’s only working class political alternative.

  • We are organising within working class communities across Ireland
  • Our objective is the creation of a 32 County Socialist Republic
  • Economic fairness, Social Equality & Environmental Sustainability