Republican Socialist Prisoner Marathon for Charity

Tommy Kelly, a Republican Socialist prisoner in Portlaoise Gaol, will be raising much needed funds and awareness for Autism Ireland by running a 26 mile Marathon on the tread mill in Portlaoise Gaol.

Tommy said , “with the crisis in Capitalism and the economic attacks on the Irish working class by the 26 county establishment, some charities in Ireland are finding it hard to raise money and keep their charity’s message high on the public’s agenda. Because of this many families dependent on these charities inevitably suffer. If I can play my small part in raising awareness for Autism Ireland then I feel that it will be time and energy well spent.”

Tommy’s comrades outside of the Gaols will be doing our best during the duration of Tommy Kelly’s fundraising and 26 mile Marathon to raise money and awareness. Details of how to support this worthy effort will be posted closer to the exact date which has yet to be confirmed.