Abolish The Monarchy, Don’t Congratulate it

Dan article

IRSP Representative for West Belfast Dan Murphy has labelled recent attempts at promoting the monarchy as disturbing, and calls on those attempting this form of outreach to perhaps focus on the socio-economic aspects of Irish Unity and its benefits for the PUL community and not the negatives of promoting a monarchy.

“I understand what people are trying to do, but If you want to win over the PUL community, why not begin by dropping their rents and reversing austerity, it sets a bad and dangerous precedent promoting a monarchy to win hearts and minds and stinks of blind opportunism”.

The remarks come following the Sinn Féin leadership recently “congratulating” the queen on her reign, which comes off the back of recent remarks suggesting Sinn Féin are open to the conversation of a United Ireland joining the commonwealth. 

Dan went on, ‘First and foremost I am an Irish Republican Socialist, I come from a strong and proud Republican area who faced the brunt of those who fought for their so called queen and country. My only comments about the Queen or the Royal Family is it needs abolished, simple.”