Anti-G8 Protest at Belfast City Hall
Belfast IRSP joined other anti capitalist activists at today’s Anti G8 protest at Belfast City Hall. The large crowd made its way in the pouring rain through Belfast city centre from Customs House Square; marchers were in vociferous and peaceful form whilst Police from across Britain joined the PSNI to lock down Belfast.

Paul Little of Belfast IRSP continues ” The ‘security’ lock down served no other purpose than to create an intimidatory atmosphere, protesters were resolute and refused to be provoked by the huge police presence. Police were at their heaviest saturation protecting the property of the tax dodgers Starbucks and their American compatriots MCDonalds and KFC.”

“A small crowd of fascist Loyalists attempted to disrupt the anti capitalist rally by singing the Sash and jeering the speakers on the platform. The lack of working class consciousness and solidarity emanating from sections of working class loyalism is truly bewildering. The Loyalists cheering the Bosses and the G8 at lunchtime would happily cheer their own firing squad such is the lack of awareness.”

Mr Little concludes “ Belfast IRSP commends the citizens of Belfast for turning out in large numbers to make it clear to the leaders of Global Capitalism and Global imperialism they are not welcome in Ireland, the people of Ireland have demonstrated, decade after decade, we want no part in the capitalist exploitation of the workers of the world. Where there is working class struggle to be fought you will find the IRSP.”