Anti Sewage Campaign, Mulhuddart

Members of the IRSP in Dublin recently attended a meeting in Mulhuddart Community Centre at 8.30pm on Wednesday 26th January regarding the horrendous stench of sewage that exists in that area. At the meeting it was discovered that due to excessive development over the so called Boom that existing sewage system is not able to cope with the demands.

We also learned that some of the illnesses caused by Sewer Gas (Hydrogen sulfide):
Irritation in the eyes, cough, soar throat, shortness of breath, fluid accumulation in the lungs, fatigue, pneumonia, loss of appetite, headaches, irritability, poor memory, dizziness, olfactory fatigue (which is when the smell becomes undetectable), loss of consciousness, oxygen deprivation, Allergic Alveolitis, Virul Hepatitis, Weil’s Decease, Occupational Asthma, Death.

A committee was formed at that meeting called MAS, Mulhuddart Against Sewage. Two local members of the IRSP are now on that committee and yesterday a local journalist has covered the story and took photo’s which should appear in the Northside People.

There are also plans to get a house to house petition and also other action to get the council to do something about this hazard.