Austerity bites, as burst water mains flood Divis for second week.

IRSP Lower Falls Representative Michael Kelly claims that NI Water are ignoring the concerns of residents in the Albert Street and Divis Street Areas of the lower Falls by stalling essential repair work scheduled to be carried out on a burst water main.

Speaking from Divis on Wednesday morning, Michael Kelly told us
“A burst water main has┬ácaused flooding on Divis Street and Albert Street, resulting in serious health and safety concerns for local people. I have dealt with a number of representatives from NI Water and although they have accepted that this work needs to be carried out, they appear to be brushing the concerns of local people under the carpet.”
Michael explained that a manager from NI Water accused the Department for Infrastructure of delaying progress by placing an “embargo” on the repair work.
“This was the second excuse after they claimed that there were complications with the burst main. Residents here have entered the new year with filthy water flowing outside their homes and it is time for those responsible to stop passing the buck and get the job done.”
The IRSP say that this issue is yet another example of how in these times of Stormont austerity, working class communities are again being left at the back of the queue when it comes to prioritising social problems.