Ban Contentious Orange Marches – IRSP

Following a meeting of residents in Ardoyne today(Friday) the IRSP issue the following statement through North Belfast representative Paul Little.

‘Once again the dark forces of Orangeism are at play across the north, whether its in Ardoyne, Short Strand or Newtonbutler they have taken the decision to inflict triumphalist and sectarian marches where they are clearly not wanted.

In 2011 as in previous years the Orange Order has the option of not antagonising the residents of these areas, such a decision would be brave decision, it would display maturity and a willingness to accommodate their neighbours in Ardoyne.

The IRSP believe that dialogue is the only solution to contentious parades but the current talks are flawed as the main protagonist the Orange Order is not at the table. This situation cannot be covered up, The Orange Order are not talking.

The IRSP support local residents in their campaigns to confront sectarianism and oppose contentious parades, we are calling for the current situation to be reversed and such sectarian marches banned until such time as the Orange Order engage in direct dialogue. As Republican Socialists we support the rights of communities to live free from sectarian intimidation and threat.’