Belfast City Council Plan 376 Job Losses

Belfast City Council plan a minimum of 376 redundancies.

Last night IRSP Press Officer Paul little warned of “Local government employers using the economic crisis to frighten workers into accepting greater levels of poverty.”

Local Government Employers in pay cuts and job losses scare tactics.

The I.R.S.P. has discovered that all 26 local authorities in the North of Ireland have drawn up plans to cut jobs and services. It is thought that the wage cuts will mean in real terms a cut of £10 to £40 a week.

Mr Little said, “Such cuts in wages will only apply to those employees earning under recognised poverty levels.”

The IRSP representative continued, “it was significant that there are no plans to reduce the income of those earning £1000+ per week”

The IRSP believe that there is no need for cuts in any public services pay or pensions, but that the collection of £100bn worth of tax evasion by the very wealthy and big business should pay for the crises that is not of our making.

The IRSP stand shoulder to shoulder with all under paid and under valued workers who stand against the Local Government employers, they have stated that they do not intend to make a pay offer for 2010 nor, do they intend to keep the promise of £250 made to those workers already living below the poverty line.

This is in direct contradiction of the Government who announced that staff earning less than £21,000 per annum would receive an increase of £250.