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Belfast IRSM’s New Mural In Support of the Besieged People of Gaza

by IRSP Admin for International, Palestine
IRSM's new mural in support of the people of Gaza
IRSM’s new mural in support of the people of Gaza

A striking new mural in support of the besieged people of Gaza and condemning Zionist imperialist aggression against the Palestinian people acting as the USA’s war-dog in the middle-east, was painted recently by local Irish Republican Socialist Party activists in Belfast.

Speaking at the site of the new mural, Belfast IRSP spokesperson, Alex McGuigan, stated, “the mural in solidarity with the victims of the most recent Israeli war machine’s massacres in Gaza is situated on Northumberland Street, close to the ‘International Wall’ at the corner of Divis, has already attracted scores of visitors from overseas and closer to home.”

The Belfast IRSP spokesperson continued, “in short, based on the premise that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’, the IRSM’s new mural cleverly manages to show our solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemns the imperialist outrages of both apartheid Israel and it’s sponsors, the USA’s military-industrial complex. Congratulations are of course due to the local activists for this cleverly designed, poignant mural.”




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