Belfast IRSP hits the streets

Saturday proved to be a busy day for the Belfast IRSP, The IRSP had a presence at two different protests as well as operating the city centre stall as usual.

The IRSP supported residents in Ardoyne in the early morning as the Apprentice Boys asserted their ‘right’ to abuse their neighbours before going to Derry.

Belfast IRSP also attended a protest at the city hospital on the Lisburn Road (well outside our comfort zone geographically)against the closure of the BCH’s accident and emergency dept.

Belfast IRSP stall in Belfast City centre once again has proven to be a focal point for distributing republican socialist literature, it is well received and people are now looking out for it to hear our message through the Workers Republic newsheet and the Saoirse Bulletin.

IRSP Stall in Belfast City Centre
IRSP protest closure of BCH's accident and emergency dept.