Belfast IRSP statement on Brendan Lillis move to outside hospital

This evening people have been informed that Brendan Lillis has been moved from Maghaberry prison to an outside hospital. BBC Newsline tonight stated that:
“The Prison service confirmed that a doctor has recommended Mr Lillis is moved to an outside hospital for assessment”.
This is after continual refusals from Justice Minister David Ford to release Brendan. The Belfast Irish Republican Socialist Party believes that this proves the deceitful and callous nature of the prison administration.

It has been clear to almost everyone that Brendan Lillis is in a severe condition and in urgent need of specialist medical care. Dr O’Domhnaill from the Irish UN association who had visited Brendan in prison stated that he believed Brendan would die in Maghaberry if he did not receive special medical attention urgently. We believe that David Ford and the prison administration in refusing Brendan release, have inflicted needless pain and suffering on both Brendan and his family.

The Irish Republican Socialist Movement know only too well the pig-headedness of British prisons having seen prison administration condemn to death three of our members during the hunger strike of 1981. We believe that the current situation of Brendan Lillis has smashed the illusion of normalisation that British government would have us believe we now live in.

What kind of normal governance insists on keeping a severely ill man reduced to five and a half stone in prison?
What kind of ‘Justice Minister’ prevents someone suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis from receiving specialist medical care?

The IRSP condemn the cruel and deliberate slow response of the bloodthirsty prison administration and their political masters in Westminster. Their actions show they have not changed. This is because any government of an Orange state is incapable of change and will stop at nothing to keep their jackboot on the heads of the oppressed people. The IRSP will continue to support Roisin Lynch and we will do everything we possibly can to assist Brendan Lillis and his family.