Belfast IRSP Support Today’s Unison Strike

The Irish Republican Socialist Party in Belfast unconditionally supports today’s 24 hour strike action by Unison trades union members all over the city and the 48 hour anti-poverty protest camp on the Girdwood site.

Chairperson of the IRSP in Belfast, Alex Mcguigin, speaking from the protests outside the RVH stated: “working-class people in the north of Ireland are currently facing the most vicious campaign of cuts to health services, education and jobs that have been seen in many years. The scale of the current offensive piloted by Stormont micro-ministers should not be underestimated.”

Mr Mcguigin continued, “hundreds of jobs in the education sector have already been slashed by Stormont minister, O’Dowd. The DUP’s Edwin Poots is vigorously spearheading the current anti-health service offensive that’s early targets included the City Hospital’s casualty department, which treats over 50,000 patients a year and a downgrade to Lagan Valley’s. There is much, much worse to come with the Stormont commissioned McKinsey Report whose proposals include slashing 10,000 health service jobs and charging patients £40 per appointment, Xray or ambulance journey!”

He concluded, “we are here today giving unconditional support to Unison’s strike action and the IRSP will support further industrial action by workers fighting to save their jobs and our services. Likewise we stand squarely behind the North Belfast Civil Rights’ 48 hour anti-poverty protest camp in Cliftonpark Avenue.”


The IRSP encourages all party members and the public to lend their support to the 48 hour anti-poverty protest camp at the site of the old Girdwood barracks on Cliftonpark Avenue.

Photos from today’s protest: