Belfast IRSP, take to the streets against Political Policing

In the wake of the latest wave of repressive Anti-Republican tactics and actions launched by the RUC/PSNI, including the arrest and detention of party members, the searching of homes and sinister approaches to young Republican Socialist activists on the ground, the Irish Republican Socialist Party tonight (Thursday) launched a successful leaflet drop in the Divis area of West Belfast, the same area which the PSNI cynically ear marked as a launching pad for its own Public Relations exercises in the recent past.


Over forty activists took to the streets of Divis to deliver in leaflet form our short and precise position on political policing and the PSNI. The opportunity was also taken to raise awareness of the looming benefits cuts which are set to be made by the Tory party and their domestic servants in Stormont.

In our leaflet the IRSP stated

The PSNI can never be accepted as a legitimate police service because they exist to protect partition and to serve the ruling elite……we must never forget that this is what that Uniform stands for’


Residents were also reminded of how the bulk of Anti-Social behaviour inflicted in the Divis area is carried out by criminals working with immunity from and in the command of the RUC/PSNI.

Tonight’s activity follows the painting of a party mural set in opposition to Political Policing which was placed on the International Wall, and heralds the increasing growth of our party structures in Belfast and the Divis area in particular.