Irish Republican Socialist Party

Belfast IRSP White-line Picket Supporting Maghaberry Republican Prisoners – Saturday 21 January

IRSP members and supporters line the Falls Rd from Beechmount to the Donegal Rd

Belfast Irish Republican Socialist Party staged a highly successful white-line picket in support of the Maghaberry Republican prisoners on Saturday 21st January, 2012.  Upwards of 70 IRSP members and supporters lined the Falls Road from the junction with the Donegal Road to Ard na Va in Beechmount calling for the implementation of the August 2010 Agreement.

PSNI/RUC jeeps harass IRSP members attending the white-line picket in Belfast

Despite harassment from the RUC/PSNI who continuously travelled the length of picket in several armoured jeeps video-taping protesters, the white-line picket was well received by passing motorists and pedestrians on west Belfast’s main thoroughfare. The regular IRSP protests in support of the Maghaberry Republican prisoners are steadily raising public awareness on the issue in working-class areas and attendance at them has grown by approximately 50% since last year.

A follow-up Maghaberry-related protest is planned in the Belfast area soon.

IRSP protesters at Saturday's white-line picket in support of the Maghaberry Republican prisoners

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