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Belfast IRSP’s Successful White-line picket in support of Irish Political Prisoners

 IRSP white-line picket at Beechmount
IRSP white-line picket at Beechmount

Belfast Irish Republican Socialist Party held a highly successful white-line picket in support of Irish Republican prisoners today.  The well attended white-line picket, which stretched from the junction of the Falls Road/Donegal Road to the Beechmount area, drew solid support from both pedestrians and motorists.  Speaking at today’s protest, Belfast IRSP spokesperson, Alex Mcguigan, stated,

“the IRSP, throughout it’s 40 years existence, has always had a proud tradition of being at the forefront in campaigning for Irish Republican prisoners’ human rights. Three of our Irish National Liberation Army volunteers, along with seven of their fellow IRA POW’s, bravely laid down their lives to be rightfully treated as political prisoners during the Hunger Strike of 1981.  Some of our most dynamic activists who were at the forefront of setting up the RAC’s/H Block-Armagh Committees’ campaigns outside the gaols were assassinated by British military death-squads.  In today’s political climate we refuse to accept the revisionist notion pushed by pro-establishment parties that there are no political prisoners in gaols in Ireland.  We will always be ready to challenge such blatant fiction and continue to campaign on behalf of Irish political prisoners’ human rights on an unconditional basis.”

The IRSP extends it’s gratitude to members, supporters and members of the public who made today’s white-line picket such an outstanding success.  Saoirse go deo!

IRSP white-line picket at the Falls Rd/Donegal Rd junction
IRSP white-line picket at the Falls Rd/Donegal Rd junction

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