Border Poll: A Plea to the Irish Trade Unions

Unfolding political developments have rendered the potential for a future Border Poll here a near certainty, however sectarian politics which unfortunately cloud politics in this part of Ireland may yet have a negative impact on any resulting discourse.

This potential necessitates a socialist ‘middle ground’ which will put working class interests at the heart of future debate. The Irish Republican Socialist Party therefore, hereby call on the Trade Union Movement here to come out and publicly support calls for a Border Poll on the Unification of Ireland.

Democracy is at the heart of the trade union movement, their support for a Border Poll would give the Irish people a genuine opportunity to vote on the constitutional status of the state while effectively expressing popular opposition to ongoing Westminster legislated Tory austerity.

A successful Border Poll (and subsequent positive consequences) could potentially change the course of Irish political and economic life forever. The trade union movement, acting as the largest organised body of working people in this part of the world, could potentially take positive control of any future debate on the socio-economic direction of an all-Ireland state, placing focus on the best interests of working people, families, and communities.

An open, positive, and inclusive conversation is required at this point. Socialists, trade unionists and indeed all progressives must now propose future visions for working class Irish people. Even in the interim period prior to national unity; discussions on cross border trade relations, opportunities for state funded Irish national health and public transport services can bring together various shades of national opinion in support of progress rather than the Tory inspired socio-economic stagnation.

Should the Irish trade union movement position themselves at the centre of this debate they would strike a significant logistical and symbolic blow against those who continue to inflict economic terror on the Irish people. We call on the Trade Union movement to seize upon this occasion, to unite our people and work towards an Ireland that puts the working class first.