Cork IRSP attend Post Budget Anti-Austerity March.

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8th December 2012

The Irish Republican Socialist Party joined a crowd over 2,000 strong in a protest march and rally against austerity in Cork City on Saturday the 8th of December. After the rally Jason Nott, spokesperson for Cork IRSP, said that:

“The mass civil disobedience embodied over the past year by the tactic of non-payment of the household charge organised by the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes (CAHWT) is set to deepen and intensify after Budget 2013 introduces the 0.18% tax on the family home.”

“Average homeowners are now set to face an annual charge of between 200 – 400 Euros per year, which is guaranteed to rise year on year in the coming years.”

“Ordinary people have led the campaign to date against the Household Tax. We collectively need to continue to organise further to fight against austerity and unjust taxes. The Government and the Troika fear nothing more than the collective power of the organised working class uniting to face them.”

Jason finished by saying:

“The IRSP see the CAHWT as an effective tool in the fight to organise communities and as a positive step towards realising that true power of the collective.”

“The CAHWT needs to be built as a democratic campaign, giving everyone a say in order to ensure that our future is decided by the majority class, the working class.”

“The CAHWT will only be given added drive after the provocation of Budget 2013 and is set to campaign vigorously in the fight back against austerity, and for real justice and democracy in Ireland.”