Dáil Éireann €20k Bar Bill; Another Example of TDs Mocking the People of Ireland- Donegal IRSP

The IRSP in North Donegal have expressed their outrage at the recent revelation that some TDs and senators have run up a €20k Dáil bar bill.

North Donegal IRSP spokesperson Charlie Pyper has said, “this is absolutely shocking, considering the fact that tens of thousands of families across Ireland are living on the breadline or homeless, and is just another example of wasted public money by TDs & Senators who seem to view the people of Ireland as mere credit cards to fund their own selfish initiatives”

In the first five months of 2019 (Jan-May) more than €2.8 million of taxpayers money was spent on TDs/Senators travel and accommodation expenses. To make matters worse, a freedom of information request showed that Dublin based deputy’s claim on average, €750 a month to get to and from work… Their workplace being the Dáil in Dublin.

Charlie went on to say, “Here in Donegal there is a massive shortage of basic mental health staff , this is greatly impacting on the ability of our mental health services,with many unfilled positions. Our hospital’s are in crisis, with not enough beds or staff, which has in turn led to a massive rise in waiting times in A&E departments and vital surgeries.”

Latest reports from Donegal show that as of February 2019 there was over 60 adults and 11 families homeless in the entire Northwest region with the total set to increase by the end of December. “The lists are endless, with nothing being done by the government, TDs and senators. It is like pigs at the trough, wasting Ireland’s money on their own greedy needs. They are not starving, nor are they living in in fear of eviction or having to wait for vital health and medical services.”

The IRSP do not believe that any meaningful change can come about through parliament within the current system, we must instead organise our communities to ensure political power lies within and not used as a mandate for the few.

In saying that, we urge the people of Donegal who want to vote in the upcoming general election to ensure you vote for someone who will at least fight for your future and hold those accountable who continue to squander public expenditure for their own greedy needs.

We also ask you to make sure Irish Unity is at the top of the agenda, as only through the ending of partition can the people of Ireland begin to reach our true economic, social, political & environmental potential.