Direct Action Against Israeli Goods in Strabane

The Irish Republican Socialist Party took direct action today in calling for a national Boycott of Israeli Goods. Members of Strabane IRSP took products whose manufacturers have a track record of supporting Israel off the shelves of Strabane Asda.

Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP continues “The Zionist regime must be sent a message that we will physically oppose its genocide in Palestine. Our actions today in Strabane are only a small token gesture in the wider campaign. If we can get activists from all over Ireland to physically remove Israeli produced and Israeli backed products from the shelves plus keep up the street actions then we believe a message that cannot be ignored can be sent”.

Mr McLaughlin continues “Our full support needs to be sent in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance. Today all over Ireland thousands upon thousands came onto the streets of Derry, Belfast and Dublin in calling for an end to the current phase of military attacks on Gaza. We in the IRSP believe that this simple demand of a cessation is short sighted and not sufficient to see a lasting peace in Palestine”.

Mr McLaughlin finishes “Only a people’s democratic Palestine, where Arabs and Jews would live without discrimination, a state without classes and national oppression, a state which allows Arabs and Jews to develop their national culture will suffice”.