IRSP / IRSM Easter Arrangements 2016. Dublin & Belfast.

Capture.PNGffdThe IRSP and the wider Republican Socialist Movement looks forward greatly to celebrating and commemorating the centenary of the great Easter rising of 1916.

In recognition of the significance of this year, the IRSM will break with tradition and hold both a Dublin and Belfast march and commemoration. The party of Connolly will assemble for our annual Easter Sunday march at the founding place of our movement. All members and supporters are asked to assemble at Liberty Hall, Dublin on Saturday March 26th at 12:30 for a march to the GPO.

To mark the calender anniversary of the Easter rising we shall then hold our traditional Belfast parade and commemoration on Sunday April 24th. All members and supporters are asked to assemble at Dunville Park, Falls Road, Belfast at 11am on that date, for a march to the Republican Socialist plot in Milltown cemetery where our annual commemorative event will be held.