IRSM Easter Commemoration 2018- Give us a Border Poll!

The Irish Republican Socialist Party has re-iterated our demand for a Border Poll, while calling for an end to EU structures in Ireland. The 2018 main oration was delivered by IRSP member Ciarán Cunningham at the IRSM plot in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast.

A large crowd assembled at Dunville Park in West Belfast for our annual Easter Commemoration march. The Parade was led by a youthful colour party and accompanied by members and supporters from across the country and abroad who had gathered in preparation for our annual walk. As is customary a heavy PSNI surveillance operation was mounted on the parade and its participants

IRSM Colour Party leading the parade


Stopping and lowering the flags at the former home of James Connolly our ideological leader had special significance this year as we will be celebrating his 150th birthday. Connolly’s political Ideals and legacy are more important today than ever. In 1974, our movement was created to fill the political revolutionary void inspired by Connolly and adopted by Seamus Costello that had been abandoned by others.

The Colour Party lowering their flags at the former home of James Connolly


We gathered at the IRSM plot and the Roll of Honour was read aloud by Sean Carlin. On a very sombre note the names of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for National Liberation and Socialism in Ireland echoed throughout the cemetery. We once again paid homage to the martyrs of 1987 who sacrificed their lives in defence of our movement and in order for the politics of the IRSP to continue. The sacrifice paid by all our dead and their families has and will continue to spur our great party on to assure that the political aspirations and dreams of their loved ones will be achieved and to ensure that future generations will live in an Ireland free from capitalist and imperialist intervention, a nation enshrined by National Liberation and Socialism.

For years the families of Ronnie Bunting and Noel Little have been engaged in a legal bid to attain the truth behind the political assassinations of their loved ones. In recent weeks the British establishment have continued their cover-up of this by blocking an inquest into their murders. This decision was taken by Tory viceroy Karen Bradley. The IRSP have pledged our full support to these families in their search for the truth and justice.

Ciarán Cunningham addresses the crowd


20 years ago the IRSM made the decision that the continuation of armed struggle made no logistical or political sense. With respect to all sincere republican comrades and activists it is increasingly clear that our assessment at the time was and continues to be correct. While we took this analysis regarding the continuation of armed struggle, we opposed the GFA as it had of no benefit for the Irish Working Class. To this day the people continue to suffer the legacy of this sectarian stalemate enshrined within the agreement. The GFA offered only opportunities for the wealthy and to transform Ireland not in favour of the ordinary people but in favour of International business and the economic oppression of its citizens. The IRSP predicted this in 1998 and our predictions have now become a horrifying reality.

Members and supporters gathered at Dunville Park


Last year the party took the decision to demand a ‘’border poll’, a referendum on national unity. While such a poll is part of the GFA, we believe that this was a miscalculation by the British Government and nobody would have expected the dramatic change in neither demographics nor the positively growing progressive national sentiment that has occurred. The IRSP demand a border poll in the near future and if this is not granted the GFA must be thrown into the dustbin of history by all its supporters.

The IRSP remain the only party in Ireland who support the referendum on Irish Unity but also want an end to EU structures in Ireland. We have and will continue to expose the rotten capitalist Institution that is the EU. It has not delivered human rights; it has not delivered workers rights and has assisted the global economic elite in enforcing economic terror on the Irish people.

Our Britain out of Ireland-Ireland Out of the EU policy document released by the party this year


The Nation our movement strives to achieve is one of liberation and Socialism. The implementation of the socialist programme cannot be achieved while our country remains under the capitalist & imperialist fist of Britain and the EU. Our political calculations have been correct throughout history and we are confident our predictions will be correct for the future; we are following the correct political programme.

The 2018 IRSM Easter commemoration ended by the playing of Amhrán na bhFiann and the ‘Red Flag’, a testament and reminder to our members that we live by the famous quote of our founder Seamus Costello, ‘’We owe our allegiance to the working class’.