IRSP Activists’ Anti-Poverty Poster Campaign In Lower Springfield, Belfast

IRSP activists in the Lower Springfield Road area of west Belfast continued with their poster campaign at aprroximately 7am this morning.

The IRSP posters make the point that only a Republican Socialist alternative can create real change in the lives of working-class people.

The IRSP posters are particularly apt in area that ranks as one of the most deprived in Ireland according to NINIS: Here

In the Lower Springfield Road/Clonard area, out of a population of 4421:

  • 54.4% are economically inactive
  • 49.4% o unemployed are long term unemploye
  • 851 people 16-59 are claiming income support
  • 1268 are claiming Housing benefit
  • 73.8% have no educational/vocational qualifications

You can read in a lot more detail the dire level of deprivation in the L/Springfield / Clonard area of Belfast where IRSP activists are raising awareness of how working-class people are being continually let down by the professional politicians of the area, via this link: Here: