IRSP Alba statement on Glasgow Anti-cuts march

IRSP Alba were today present at the Coalition of Resistance march against the cuts in Glasgow. Despite the bad weather there was a great turnout from the people of Glasgow. The starry plough was proudly on display beside other revolutionary banners such as the Cuban and Palestinian flags. The IRSP support group in Scotland joined the march to oppose the severe cuts from the Con-dem coalition and also to oppose the hypocrisy of the British Labour party as a ruling class organisation with a shameful imperialist history. IRSP Alba used this opportunity to highlight the essential need to oppose not just the cuts but the Capitalist system. On this issue we take our lead from Thomas ‘Ta’ Power who stated:

“These secondary contradictions can be tackled. Reformed, changed, but again they will effect no fundamental change in the given process. The only way fundamental change can be achieved is by changing the basic contradiction, which immediately sets in motion a change in all the secondary contradictions, which are dependent upon it”

This was also an opportunity for IRSP Alba to oppose the campaign by Strathclyde police to criminalise the starry plough flag. In the past Strathclyde police have attempted to prohibit the flying of the starry plough by labelling it as ‘Paramilitary’ or ‘sectarian’. Today the starry plough was flown as we sent a message to the police force in Scotland that the flag is neither ‘sectarian’ or ‘paramilitary’ but a flag representative of Irish socialism and the Irish working class.

IRSP Alba also condemns the harassment of Fight racism! Fight imperialism! Members by Strathclyde police on the march. This is part of a sustained campaign to intimidate revolutionary socialists. We will not be silenced and we will not be criminalised.

IRSP Alba spokesperson Garry O’Cianain also read the following statement at starting point of the march:

“Today we are gathered here to oppose the British government’s swingeing cuts on public services. We will not be fooled by David Cameron who tells us we are all in this recession together. He is one of 22 millionaires in the British cabinet so I doubt Mr Cameron will be feeling the effect of the cuts as the working class undoubtedly will.

We also condemn the hypocrisy of the Labour party. This week Shadow chancellor Ed Balls admitted that Labour, if elected, would carry out the same cuts in public services as the conservatives. So why should the working class continue to support the charlatans of the Labour party?

We would also like to register our support for the Palestinian POWs who this week began an open ended hunger strike to demand to end to solitary confinement and isolation of PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat. In Maghaberry Prison, Ireland, political prisoners are also engaged in protest at the inhumane treatment of political prisoners. Their demands are free association and an end to draconian strip searching.

Victory to the Irish and Palestinian people!

Victory to the working class throughout the world!”