IRSP Announce Local Election Candidates

‘++++ Press Conference ++++

Announcement of IRSP Candidates for 5th May
Local Government Elections in 6 Counties

On behalf of the Irish Republican Socialist Party I would like to welcome you here today to this press conference where we are officially launching our forthcoming election campaign and presenting our main policies and our candidates.

The IRSP will be contesting the local government elections in five wards across the north. Two in Belfast, two in Derry and one in Strabane.

We have deliberately chosen to not contest the Stormont elections as that there does not exist an appetite within our party to enter any British parliament in Ireland. On this occasion we believe that an intervention by the IRSP is warranted considering the massive economic attacks that the poorest within our society are being subjected to. Cuts will only be implemented at the point of weakest resistance and we intend to use these elections to organise communities so that cuts can be faced down and defeated.

Our purpose in standing in these elections is to promote our political viewpoint as a serious and real alternative to what passes for politics in the north of Ireland. We believe that for too long the working class have been left behind by the political elite and their hopes and aspirations were ignored in favour of party self interest. We in the IRSP are different. We offer a voice to the working class where presently none exists. We offer a fresh, new, vibrant and viable political alternative and during the past number of months we have come under sustained pressure from within our communities to take a stand in these elections and we have responded to that call by targeting council wards across the north where we can make an impact.

We have identified a number of areas which are a matter of real concern for the working class, these are:

• The Stormont budget and their Tory inspired cuts
• crime with our communities
• Education and fees
• Access to decent housing
• The health service
• The treatment of republican prisoners in Maghaberry
• Our opposition to unfair water charges
• Political policing within nationalist communities

On each of the above issues we intend to campaign vigorously over the coming weeks leading up to the elections on 5th May and continue afterwards as well.

Now though I would like to introduce our candidates and each will give a brief outline of their background, their motivations and what they hope to achieve in the coming elections.

Paul Little, Oldpark, Belfast

Jim Gorman, Lower Falls, Belfast

Lucy Callaghan, Northlands, Derry

Paul Gallagher, Mourne, Strabane

Martin McMonagle, Shantallow, Derry

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