IRSP attend ABP Clones to confront management about Worker’s Safety

The IRSP has today attended the premises of the ABP meat-processing plant in Clones Co. Monaghan, following our relentless challenging towards the actions of employers who are deliberately putting the health of their workers and local communities at risk.

The IRSP had initially received mixed reports as to how workers were being treated during this pandemic, but clarity soon emerged following consistent reports of workers being endangered.

It has already been established that there have been cases of COVID-19 contracted by workers within the factory, although the bosses have done their utmost to evade releasing any definitive figures.

This issue is now proving to be of grave concern given the confirmation from Trade Unions that a worker in the Moy Park plant died as a result of COVID-19.

With this in mind the IRSP today arrived at ABP Clones to deal with the plant management. They predictably claimed that they were ‘too busy’. Their refusal to meet with us will not be the end of this matter. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the working class have borne the brunt of its health and economic impacts.

The IRSP is not challenging ABP as a single issue. This is part of broader considerations surrounding the intensifying exploitation and oppression of workers during this crisis.

This pandemic has laid bare the stark class divide, which has seen multi-millionaire business owners and bosses retreating to the comfort of their homes to live in safety and with financial security. Meanwhile the working class has had to continue to keep the country running, often on minimum wage.

As if this alone hasn’t been sufficiently oppressive, the bosses who have sat back and profited during this pandemic are keen to fatten heir pockets further at the expense of workers whom they will not even furnish with the time or resources to adequately protect themselves.

The IRSP will continue to challenge this behaviour, We will not be deterred by the continuing attempts to evade us, in the knowledge that their actions are unjustifiable.

We would urge any workers facing similar circumstances to contact us for support and assistance. We would also like to reiterate our message to the exploiters and oppressors that we will not shy from challenging them.