IRSP attend Action on “X” Case event.


On the 21st anniversary of the “X” case hundreds of people and many Pro-Choice political campaign groups and Trade Unionists attended a rally calling for the Dail to take action on “X” case which they have failed to do.

Tommy Kelly of the IRSP attended the rally and commented “The disgraceful circumstances around the death of Savita Halappanavar in Galway last year has really become a rallying cry for the Pro-Choice movement in Ireland. This along with the failure to definitively act on the “X” case has shown the need to really confront the archaic values at the heart of this state. It’s now 21 years since the “X” case and still nothing yet they can keep the Dail open all night to legislate on the behalf of Bankers and Developers.”

Mr Kelly continued “Dublin IRSP members attended the rally this evening to reaffirm the IRSPs position on a woman’s right to choose. We call for immediate legislation to make abortion available; free of charge and on demand, through the health services both sides of the border.”