IRSP attend March for Justice in Dublin.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party joined the March for Justice in Dublin to highlight a long list of oppressive actions by the corrupt capitalist state.

Stephen Cummins of Dublin IRSP continues “The IRSP support all opposition to State oppression. We took to the streets of the Capital today to oppose continued internment of political activists all over the island. We stood against the continued use of non-jury special courts and condemn the appointment of MI5 agent Drew Harris as Garda Commissioner.”

Mr Cummins said “We had to make our voices heard, illegal evictions are a scourge on society that must be opposed at all costs.  Landlords have access to the Garda Armed Response Unit to do their dirty work of evictions. This shows us that the capitalist state works hand in hand with the vulture funds, greedy landlords and fat cat developers. They even bring ex-loyalist paramilitaries as heavies to smash in doors and drag people from their homes.”

Stephen finishes “Citizens rights are under constant attack, trade unions are being undermined and the entire Free State is awash with scandals, cover ups and corruption. We must take a stand against this race to the bottom and today’s March for Justice was a small step in the right direction. We need to build the class consciousness of the people, expose the truth about the corrupt state and its lackeys.”