IRSP back workers and oppose bullying tactics of Aer Lingus bosses

The IRSP fully condemns the horrific anti worker recovery plan put forward by Aer Lingus bosses and the disgusting strong-arm tactics being used to beat the workers and their representatives into submission.

Aer Lingus has reported hundreds of millions of euro in profit and reserves over the last number of years and now attempt to enforce one of the most anti-worker programmes witnessed in 21st century Ireland. If the profits are not shared during the good times, then the losses should not be shared during the bad times.

The IRSP has recognised a growing trend in aggressive mistreatment of workers in many industries. These bosses are shamefully capitalising on the worry and instability caused by the Covid pandemic to ramp up the attacks on workers in pursuit of profit.

Bosses & Shareholders Fly Off.

Recently we demonstrated our support for Debenhams workers and their trade union representatives. Following this, having received submissions and information from mistreated construction workers; the IRSP has written to the top brass construction companies in Dublin to put them on notice that their mistreatment of workers will be actively opposed. We now offer our full support to the Aer Lingus workers.

The capitalist class has gone into overdrive in their attempts at deception during this pandemic. Profitable companies have benefited from free labour at the taxpayers’ expense while their government patsies reaffirm commitments to privatization. Capitalism has gone into an aggressive offensive against workers and we call on all workers representatives to mount a more aggressive defence; especially as the illusions of social partnership are being shattered all around us.

We understand that the diluting of militancy in the trade union movement accompanied by anti-organising legislation has limited any defence that trade unions can mount and will need to be supported by all agencies of the working class. The IRSP offers our full support and comradeship to all workers and the organizations and bodies that represent them. Finally, we call for solidarity amongst all working-class people, an injury to one is an injury to all. We shall not be fooled, and we shall not be the collateral for the capitalist pursuit of profit.