IRSP Belfast stop eviction in the Lower Falls

IRSP Belfast have stopped an eviction of a working mother in the Lower Falls. Pressure was mounted on the NIHE by the IRSP in Belfast as they organised their activists, supporters and the community to actively oppose the planned eviction. Following the social media appeal and work carried out the by the IRSP a meeting was organised between the NIHE and the IRSP on Thursday. In this meeting the NIHE were informed that under no circumstances would the eviction take place unopposed and the IRSP would take direct action in order to prevent this mother and child being thrown out on the street.

Today we were informed that the NIHE would withdraw the eviction due to the pressure applied by the IRSP and the local community. The mother will continue to live in the property while continuing to pay off the arrears as she was doing so.

IRSP Lower Falls representative Micheal Kelly


IRSP Lower Falls representative Michael Kelly has said, ”This is no doubt a victory for the mother, the community and our class, but we must be reminded that this is only the start. These attempted evictions will only increase and we must stand together as a community to oppose them.” 

The IRSP are still under no illusion that this was a calculated trial eviction by the NIHE in order to normalise such events within our communities.  This is a small victory in a much larger war. We cannot allow this type of anti-working class activity to be normalised in our communities whether it is in Divis, Ardoyne, The Shankill or Ballysillan.  Today we have proved what a strong, organised community can achieve and we must take this example and apply elsewhere.