IRSP Bombarded With Calls From Concerned Landlords Blaming Letting Agencies For Rent Rises

Since the IRSP launched the ‘Drop The Rents’ campaign in Belfast last month, and more recently began to target individual properties that are charging rents above LHA levels as ‘Under Dispute’.

We have been inundated with emails from concerned landlords blaming the letting agencies for extortionate fees leading to rent rises.

Below are snippets of 2 such emails sent by concerned landlord’s, outlining the reasons behind the rent rises claiming that renting out property at LHA levels is not possible as the letting agencies wont allow it due to their fees.

This is an interesting development in what appears to be individual landlord’s, fearing being targetted by the IRSP’s campaign, exposing the immoral exploitative nature of the letting housing market and breaking ranks with the letting agencies.

Our demands are simple. Lower your rents to LHA levels and stop being part of an exploitative system that is leading to systematic poverty.

The IRSP in Belfast are prepared to meet with any landlord who is willing to drop their rents to LHA levels.