IRSP Call for Serious & Meaningful Discussions around North Belfast Violence

A school bus full of children was attacked yesterday on its way home from Mercy college in North Belfast, with a number of young girls reported injured.

North Belfast representative Tarlach Mac Dhónaill has said, “As a community we seriously need to begin meaningful conversations about ending this. Organised fighting, social media abuse, interface trouble, sectarian and paramilitary intimidation, all of this has been increasing and all of it stems from somewhere. Without casting blame, without heightening tensions, just being open and honest we all know that a conversation needs to begin on a serious level. That conversation must focus on what lies behind a gradual but worrying escalation in sectarianism among young people in North Belfast since the spring-time of this year.”

Nobody wants to see this, and no child in 2020 wants to be trapped, influenced or injured by hatred. We all have a duty to halt this rise in a societal illness that horrified the world almost 2 decades ago.”