Following our public mobilisation calls last month to oppose supporters and members of the disgraced Parachute Regiment in Belfast City Centre on the 27th April behind the banner of ‘Republicans Against Imperialism’, the IRSP in light of recent developments have taken the decision to call off our counter demonstration. 

The IRSP have come to learn that the so called   ‘Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans’ Rally is not a genuine soldiers protest, but is in fact being organised and supported by malcontents within the Loyalist Community who are only seeking to build their own profiles and manipulate sectarian divisions in the city. The IRSP will not assist in helping these aims.

The IRSP back the calls of the Ballymurphy Families in calling on the organisers to cancel Saturdays demonstration and for them to remove any Parachute Regiment flags in the city.

The IRSP will continue to stand with and openly support the families and victims of British Imperialism in Ireland and we will continue to support their campaigns for truth & justice.