IRSP calls for “internal dialogue within republicanism” in Strabane


The Irish Republican Socialist Party is calling for “internal dialogue within republicanism” in Strabane . The various republican political parties need to discuss and debate the local way forward in dealing with the key anti social problems our town faces.

Mícheál MacLochlainn spokesperson for Strabane IRSP said “All the strands and opinions of republicanism as a collective have never honestly engaged with each other on the issue of seriously tackling the key anti social problems faced in the town. The lack of internal engagement and dialogue within republicanism has created a vacuum in which shootings, beatings and expulsions have become the knee jerk reactions used to deal with individuals involved in elements of anti community behavior”.

Mr MacLochlainn finishes “By not engaging in dialogue and debate republicans are allowing the PSNI to set the agenda by felon setting republicanism as a negative and brutal influence on our communities. They use these vulnerable youths engaged in anti community actions as agents and sources of information for their own nefarious ends. Internal dialogue within republicanism to formulate a collective response to these issues is the only way forward”.