IRSP Condemn Prison Service

The IRSP have reacted strongly to the decision taken by the Prison service to cancel a planned delegation visit by the families and friends of prisoners committee to the protesting Republican prisoners in Maghaberry.
IRSP representative Paul Little who was due to be on the delegation visit this Monday slammed the Prison Service decision as short sighted and small minded. This delegation visit to the Protesting Republican prisoners had the potential to begin the process of achieving a fair and equitable resolution to the Prisoners grievances. The fact that the first delegation visit was frustrated and thwarted by the POA and the second abruptly canceled demonstrates that the Prison service is not serious about finding a resolution to the situation in Roe house.
Maghaberry Prison is in a crisis, no number one governor and this week the head of the prison service resigns, this is a prison with no one in charge! The situation where republican prisoners are being targeted by bigoted Prison Officers can not be allowed to continue, that in 2010 protesting Republican prisoners are reacting to this provocation by a dirty protest cannot be allowed to continue. SUPPORT OUR POWS