IRSP Condemn the Education Authority’s attack on our most vulnerable.


The Irish Republican Socialist Party condemn the attack on one of societies most vulnerable groups by the Education Authority (EA) and their decision to close schools that cater to the needs of children/young people who require and are fundamentally entitled to the services that are given by the schools that they are currently attending. This is all based upon the Education Authorities aim to “Transform special school provisions”. While in reality all this will do is up-root pupils who possess special educational needs which will result in serious implications that are being neglected by the Education Authority.

This is being done as no more than an attempt to cut costs that will result in potential job losses to teachers and teaching assistants. Teachers and teaching assistants who while carrying out their roles have developed personal relationships with the children/young people under their care which has resulted in them being able to tailor to the needs of each individual child/young person in a trusting manner. This is a main area that will be greatly affected by the relocation of these pupils. Another serious point that the Education Authority has neglected more so in the case of members of faculty who do not possess permanent contracts with the Education Authority, who now face the uncertainty of employment within the educational bodies that they currently hold positions in.

This proposal up until now has been conducted in a covert manner that has kept parents, staff and most importantly pupils in the dark until the proposals in question had been leaked via various media outlets, which has in turn resulted in a series of letters being sent by the management of the schools in question to parents all being styled in a template manner. Which raises the question that had it not been for this media leak would the parents of these children/young people have been prevented from gaining any knowledge of this intended scheme until the later stages of development.

The personal affects that such a decision could have upon the well being of the pupils of the schools in question is being grossly neglected and how them being removed from their comfort zones with the faculty that they have spent years building bonds with could greatly affect them on a personal level. The fact that these developments had been brewing for quite sometime prior to this leak without consulting those who it shall impact severely shows the complete disregard for the feelings of pupils, parents and staff.