IRSP Condemns death threats against youth activist

Strabane Irish Republican Socialist Party spokesperson Michael McLaughlin has condemned death threats made against a member of the Republican Socialist Youth Movement, the youth wing of the IRSP. On 16th July, members of the PSNI informed a member of the RSYM that his life was under threat.

“Over the last number of weeks and months, the IRSP has sought to highlight the futile and dangerous nature of the actions of an anti social element within Strabane. The IRSP believe that the PSNI, the current judicial system and indeed the mainstream political parties in the North have little interest in tackling the drug problems in working class communities. But the simple fact is, as this problem is structural and deeply-rooted in the inequality that capitalism creates, any attempt to solve it through the use of violence is not going to work, and in engaging in such activities those responsible have only served to exacerbate the problem and further endanger communities.”

“This death threat should be condemned outright by all quarters. The RSYM member in question is a tireless worker in his local area and offers a fine example to young people in Strabane through his anti-drug activism. We view this threat as extremely cowardly and it certainly is a worrying development.

The IRSP believes that in dealing with the scourge of drugs we must empower our communities. That is the only method that is accountable, democratic and in the end, the only way we can effectively challenge the current political order of things, the same system that creates fertile ground for the continued spread of drug dealing and abuse. In working toward this goal, the IRSP and the RSYM are not going to be intimidated by anybody. We have to question what is the agenda of these people in threatening a young anti-drugs activist, because it certainly is not in the interests of the people of Strabane.”