IRSP in Belfast Force Letting Agency To Withdraw From Beechmount.

As part of our #DropTheRents campaign, the IRSP in the Mid Falls targeted a 2 bedroom property in Beechmount Street that was up for rent for £595 a month; £170 over the local housing benefit level for the area!

We publicly and physically put the property under dispute, which in turn forced the letting agency (McGeowns) to abandon the property and take it off the rental market.

IRSP Activists outside Northern Property, another targeted agency in December.

The IRSPs #DropTheRents campaign is demanding that all landlords and letting agency’s are to reduce their rents to local housing benefit levels in the area, or face escalating protest action.

This is just another small success for this campaign, and we will continue to monitor this property and any future rental attempts at higher than LHA level.

The message is simple;

STOP creating systematic poverty in our communities,
STOP exploiting the failed housing system,
STOP financially abusing our most vulnerable.