IRSP Launch Two Major Documents

The Irish Republican Socialist Party have launched two major policy documents at a ceremony in Derry on Monday. The party presented the publications to group of party members, supporters and assembled media. The publications were produced in order to present to the Irish working class a radical and viable political alternative to the current failed political set-up in Ireland.

The documents entitled “Perspectives on the future of Republican Socialism in Ireland” and “Republican Socialist Programme for Ireland” were produced by the party in order to give a wider understanding of where the IRSP stands on some very important issues that affect the Irish nation.

Perspectives on the future of Republican Socialism in Ireland
A comprehensive 96 page guide to where the IRSP stands on a large range of issues.

Republican Socialist Programme for Ireland
A 12 page summary document that gives an accessible overview of the larger Perspectives document.

Speaking at the event was Dr Terry Robson, one of the founder members of the IRSP. He gave a keynote address in which he spoke of the need, now more than ever, for the IRSP as a party to become a real force in Irish politics. Speaking to the packed hall Dr Robson described the documents as a watershed moment for the IRSP.

The main focus of Dr Robson’s address was the need for building a socialist society in Ireland. But he also attacked those in Ireland who were intent on imposing cuts on the most deprived as a result of the economic collapse.

Also addressing the meeting were Paul Little who delivered a presentation to the hall on the background to the launch of the document and a historical analysis of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement and it’s plans for the future and Tomas Gorman who chaired proceedings and also fielded a question and answer session at the end.

This was a major event in terms of rebuilding the Irish Republican Socialist Party and in terms of presenting Republican Socialism as a viable and serious political current that is prepared to look at all the major issues and address them in a serious and concerted way. The Perspectives document is an entirely unique document in that while it identifies problems it also offers real and practical solutions to these problems. We in the IRSP believe that these new papers can have a massive impact in terms of attracting new people to the ideas of Republican Socialism in that they lay out the in attractive terms what Socialism can offer the people of Ireland.

IRSP Interim Central Committee

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