IRSP oppose regression for workers

Today the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) in Dublin has delivered letters to the headquarters of the anti-worker CIF and several large contractors, including Sisk, Walls and John Paul construction, making them aware that the mooted regression in the treatment of workers subsequent to COVID-19 restrictions will be actively opposed. This relates in particular to whispers emerging that an agreed increase in construction SEO rates due in October will be stopped.

The IRSP has been carefully examining the behaviour of bosses and liaising with other workers’ bodies and organisations concerning the treatment of workers. The feedback has been alarming across the various sectors, as bosses and large corporations are making plans to shore up their hoarded wealth, and push workers onto the breadline.

Workers must unite and stand together, this is the only means by which this threat shall be overcome. The IRSP understands at present that many workers are afraid to speak out, and we welcome any confidential communication regarding exploitation.