IRSP Protest Queen Visit

The IRSP in Dublin attended the protest in Dublin today against the visit of the Queen of England. The IRSP were engaged in a protest along with other groups such as The 32 County Sovereignty Movement, Republican Sinn Fein and Republican Network for Unity. It was heartening to see various shades of republicans united to voice their protest against the royal state visit.

The IRSP in Dublin along with the 32 CSM, RNU and RSF worked together in standing our ground against the aggressive nature of the Garda attacks on protesters. Some of our members were on the receiving end of Garda brutality.

The IRSP in Dublin protested today against this state visit not only on purely republican grounds but also on the grounds that the Queen is the figure head of the British Military complex that not only controls six counties on the island of Ireland but has also engaged in illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, ending in huge misery and destruction in the name of greed and corruption.

Later the IRSP in Dublin briefly joined the Anti-War protest in their justified protest against the imperialist nature of the Queens visit and that Ireland should not host the head of such an imperialist war mongering state.

The IRSP in Dublin intend to protest further against this state visit and the coming state visit of Imperialist leader Barak Obama later in the week. We call on all progressive movements to join together and continue to oppose these state visits on those who have contributed to the misery of ordinary working class people worldwide.

There will be a protest tomorrow evening from 5 pm on wards at Dublin Castle against the lavish state banquet for British Imperialist leaders and their Free State lackeys, while they stuff their faces at tax payer’s expense, the poor get poorer. Meet at Thomas Street for 5 pm.