IRSP Respond to Alliance RE Dual Language Signs

The Irish Republican Socialist Party has reacted angrily to recent comments made by the Alliance Party on plans to include the Irish language on road signs in the North. IRSP spokesperson Michael McLaughlin has labelled the remarks made by both Judith Cochrane and Anna Lo as ‘reactionary’ and has accused the pair of ‘blatant hypocrisy’.

Speaking today, the IRSP spokesman said:
” The comment by Judith Cochrane that the use of Ireland’s native language on road signs was ‘a very dangerous concept’ is utterly reactionary and disgraceful. For anyone who champions equal rights and inclusion these comments will be seen for what they are. The Irish language is an important aspect of this country’s cultural identity, something which British imperialism has attempted to erase, and the Alliance Party seem hell-bent on ensuring that succeeds.”
McLaughlin continued:
“The line espoused by both Judith Cochrane and Anna Lo that Irish road signs would serve to ‘ghettoise’ areas and result in a ‘tribal carve-up’ are not only deeply insulting, but are also an exercise in blatant hypocrisy. To say that the Irish language would cause an area to become a ghetto is just ignorant scare-mongering and there is no need to guess who the Alliance Party are pandering to with that sentiment. And as for a tribal carve-up, maybe the Alliance Party should take a close look at the whole history of this gerrymandered state and also re-evaluate their involvement with a sectarian parliament. The Belfast Agreement and Stormont have done nothing to alleviate sectarianism, in fact they have institutionalised it and ensured it’s perpetuation. Rather than attacking the cultural rights of the Irish people, the Alliance Party would be much better off dealing with the underlying problem, a sectarian state that copper-fastens division and continues to deny legitimate national, social and cultural rights”