IRSP stand with Palestine and support calls for the expulsion of Isreali ambassador

Following the recent murder of over 30 innocent Palestinians by Israeli armed forces,  the Irish Republican Socialist Party attended protests in Ireland and in Glasgow to show solidarity with the Palestinian people. Shocking images were recorded by journalists as Isreali snipers were seen shooting and killing unarmed Palestinians as they protested at the illegal border.

IRSP Alba at the protest in Glasgow


Republican Socialist Paul Gallagher gave a well received speech in Derry where he called for the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland.  This follows the expulsion last week of a Russian diplomat by the Free State government to show solidarity with the British government over the attempted assassination of an ex-Russian spy. While a quick response was implemented by the right wing Fine Gael government at the request of Britain such action should be taken due this recent massacre by the Isreali government.


The IRSP since our inception have always stood by the Palestinian people and their revolutionary struggle against the Zionist Isreali state and we stand by Paul Gallagher’s demand for the expulsion of the Isreali Ambassador in Ireland. As a nation we have and continue to suffer the consequences of imperialism and through this we recognize and support the Palestinian people.