IRSP condemns ongoing British Army / PSNI Harassment in Derry City

IRSP Statement on British Army / PSNI Harassment

29 July 2015

Irish Republican Socialist Party spokesperson Danny Morrison has expressed anger at raids currently ongoing in Galliagh involving members of the British army.

He said, “The IRSP have been contacted by residents of Ederowen Park and Glendale Park concerned at the presence of heavily armed members of the British Army who are currently involved in raiding local resident’s homes. We too are concerned that there are currently members of the British Army on our streets years after we were told that they no longer have an active role in the north.

He continued, “We reject any idea that the British Army have any constructive role to play in the north. As is evidenced by these raids their only role is the harassment and intimidation of the local population. Given that the PSNI have brought them in in such a heavy handed manner we demand that the PSNI get off the backs of the community in Derry as well. We are calling on all other political parties with representatives in these areas to publicly say where they stand in relation to the British Army breaking into and ransacking local peoples homes.”

In conclusion Mr Morrison said, “This is unacceptable in this day and age when people have enough to worry about with Stormont’s austerity programme. We are continually told that people have to move on and forget the past. Well it’s time that someone told this to the PSNI and British Army.”