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IRSP Support NIPSA Wildcat Strike In Strabane!

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The IRSP attended a wild cat action today by NIPSA workers in the Social Security Agency on the Urney Rd, Strabane. The walk out was organized by grass-roots NIPSA workers in the SSA, in conjunction with the Strabane Area Trade Union Council and the Unemployed Workers Union. The protest was organized as part of the fight back against the down-grading of the Strabane Social Security Office and the relocation of public sector jobs out of the town.

At today’s protest, Michael McLaughlin, regional coordinator of the Unemployed Workers Union and Strabanne IRSP spokesperson, said, “this is the start of the fight back in Strabane, the DSD and their Stormont lackeys have bitten of more than they can chew, they have seriously underestimated the feeling of justified anger within the working class of Strabane. This cynical downgrade of an essential service is just one part of an unprecedented attack on much needed public services in the town over a period of over two years.”

Mr McLaughlin continued,”Strabane has lost funding for a new foot bridge over the Mourne river, that was to link the Head of the Town and Ballycolman estates. We have lost the A5 upgrade, we have lost the out of hours emergency response vehicle, the WELB have cut the number of routes in their school runs, stranding many children from the hinterland with no access to public transport to school! Combined with cuts to Housing Benefits, the proposed closing of the Housing Executive offices, the proposed axing of Strabane’s district council, mass unemployment, mass deprivation, mass fuel poverty, PSNI harassment and a myriad of other problems born out of poverty and social deprivation have been designed to isolate, marginalise and to grind the town’s proletariat into the ground!”

Michael concluded, “thankfully the working class are steadily beginning to realize that this is not going to stop anytime soon and the only option is to organise amongst ourselves and fight back! The Irish Republican Socialist Party in Strabane and the Trade Union movement will not be found wanting in the battles to come.”




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