IRSP calls on elected representatives to get the ball rolling on the Albert Basin park. 

IRSP representative in Newry Chris Morley has said, “We have seen far too much dithering and procrastination on this issue. Our elected representatives have let the people of Newry down to date. 

During these dark days in which our mental and physical well-being is taking a hammering, a Central Park is needed more than ever. 

Over the last number of months, we have seen a marked increase in antisocial behaviour throughout the district. 

Large gatherings of youths are roaming the streets aimlessly. A Central Park with proper amenities would go a long way to alleviating this problem.”

The IRSP commends those who have kept this issue to the fore, namely Newry 2020 and  The Albert Basin Project. 

We call on our elected representatives to do what they are elected to do, which is represent the people, not your own political agendas. 

The people of Newry have made their views very clear on this issue. We want a Central Park. Get it done now!