IRSP to contest council elections – The fight back starts here!

The Irish Republican Socialist Party have described Wednesday’s Stormont budget as a ‘capitalist solution to a capitalist problem’.??There is nothing in this budget but misery for the ordinary worker, family and community said IRSP spokesperson Martin McMonagle.

He continued: “The Stormont executive by increasing the tax burden on the working class whilst it is systematically slashing public services by plundering the public sector is demonstrating that it cares little for needs of the working class. The parties in Stormont are simply implementing Tory cuts that will be felt deep within our communities and we feel that now is the time to offer a real and viable alternative.

We in the IRSP are determined to oppose the slash and cut politics and to that end the IRSP have decided to contest the upcoming local government elections in a number of constituencies across the six counties.?

Mr. McMonagle continuted: “The IRSP are determined to offer the working class electorate a clear alternative and opportunity to vote against the current cuts and the political parties who are implementing them. The fight back starts here and now, Vote IRSP”