IRSP welcome Amnistia Ta Askatasuna (ATA) statement relating to Patxi Ruiz’s decision to end 31-day Hunger Strike.

The Basque Pro Amnesty and Against Repression Movement, Amnistia Ta Askatasuna (ATA), through its official channels has tonight announced and confirmed that Patxi Ruiz earlier today abandoned his 31-day Hunger Strike, of which the first 12 days he had spent on a strike of both Hunger & Thirst.
Patxi himself has explained to a friend that this morning he began the process of alimentation again, and that he himself will explain his reasons for leaving the hunger strike in a statement to come.

First and foremost, the IRSP would like to send our solidarity to Patxi, his family, and all his fellow political prisoners incarcerated in Spanish Jails. Patxi has risked his own physical integrity over the past 31 days right up to the point of putting his own life in immediate danger, and we commend him for the stance he has taken in defence of his own rights as a political prisoner, and those of his fellow incarcerated inmates.
While seeing tonight that Patxi being alive is a cause for celebration, ATA have also expressed disgust at the behaviour of the prison authorities in Murcia II Jail. The same prison management who having ignored Patxi’s original hunger and thirst strike and physical deterioration for 10 days, were immediately in contact with Europa Press to triumphally announce to the world that Patxi had left his hunger strike.

Regarding these last 31 days, ATA expressed great joy in the firm response given by Euskal Herria in support of Patxi Ruiz. Thousands of people have participated in mobilizations, confinements, fasts and hunger strikes, car-caravans and other dynamics of protest which were carried out every day of his strike in the Basque Country. ATA also expressed their gratitude that within the Spanish prison system 20 prisoners from the Pro Amnesty Movement, the EPPK and both GRAPO and PCEr have participated in these dynamics in favor of Patxi.

Although still waiting for Patxi’s personal statement, at this time ATA are saying without a doubt that popular mobilization has been essential to protect his life and to give his demands the place they deserved. Thanks to popular pressure, Patxi has never felt alone, and the Pro Amnesty and Against Repression Movement wants to thank all the people who have mobilized in one way or another.

Finally, ATA emphasize that those who took Euskal Herria for granted and assumed that the Basque People’s struggle had been assimilated have been proven to be mistaken. Patxi’s struggle has revealed the existence of a new socio-political space composed of different organizations, each with its own specificities, but under the premise of mutual respect and willingness to work together. They have also discovered the existence of an internationalist and solidarity network that has worked humbly and honestly in favour of Patxi’s struggle, much to the surprise of many.

The Irish Republican Socialist Movement tonight stand side by side with Patxi Ruiz and the Basque people, and again revendicate the rights of Euskal Herria to full self-determination and freedom.
The fight continues, for amnesty and for an organization that brings Euskal Herria and its working class to freedom. Independence and socialism! Gora Patxi!