Kevin Lynch commemoration hears calls for active support for Palestinian Hunger Strikers.

Hundreds gathered in Dungiven South Derry today (Sunday 31st July) to march in commemoration of INLA Volunteer and H-Block martyr Kevin Lynch, who died after 71 Days on Hunger Strike, on August 1st 1981.


A large congregation made up of two RSM colour parties, the James Connolly memorial flute band (Derry City) and the ‘Martyrs of Eireann’ Flute band (South Derry) were joined by several phalanx of Ex RSM prisoners, current IRSP members, a visiting delegation of comrades from the Basque country and many local people.

The march made its way through the South Derry village stopping to lower flags at Kevin’s memorial in the centre of the town before making its way to the local parish church and the final resting place of comrade Lynch.


Following a minutes silence and lowering of the flags, wreaths were laid on behalf the IRSP Ard Comhairle, the leadership of the INLA and various Cumain from around Ireland.

RSM veteran Danny Morrisson of Derry City delivered a stirring oration in which he pointed out the fact that the Irish Working Class were the mainstay of support for the men of 1981 and that in any future revolutionary situation it will no doubt be left again to the working class to form the vanguard of any fight.


Those assembled were reminded that although conditions change and the political environment may change “the fundamentals remain constant”, re-iterating the solid opinion of James Connolly who stated that “Britain never had any right in Ireland, has no right in Ireland and never can have any right in Ireland”.

“We have lost too many comrades” he continued, “to allow us do anything but carry on in their struggle, in the spirit of men like Kevin Lynch”.


Before closing, Danny asked those in attendance to cast their attention towards the plight of Palestinian prisoners embarking upon Hunger Strike in Zionist gaols, in solidarity with activist Bilal Kayed, who was put on administrative detention after completing his prison sentence of more than 14 years and in response embarked on Hunger Strike himself.

Their struggle, really is our struggle” he concluded.