MASC Campaign Mulhuddart

The Irish Republican Socialist Party in Dublin has welcomed the formation of Mulhuddart Against Sewage Campaign (MASC) on the 26/Jan/2011. We also urge the local people of Mulhuddart and the surrounding areas to get behind the campaign and support it in any way you can.

We understand that local residents are sick of the terrible smell emitting from the sewage works. We also understand that the council has tried to mask the smell and repair the pipes and manhole covers to reduce the odour. The root cause of the problem lies in years of planning mismanagement and extensive property development that was never going to be sustainable considering the existing sewage works that were in place.

The stench has been an on-going problem for many years despite the attempts by Fingal County Council to contain it. As local IRSP activist Gerry Murray states “this issue has been a problem for a few years now and I have been personally raising this issue with Fingal County Council since 2007. Fingal County Council temporarily masked the smell by adding chemicals which de-odorizes the stench and by doing other work such as replacing manhole covers. The cause of the problem is a lack of proper sewage infrastructure and over-development of the area.”

The IRSP call on the people of Mulhuddart and surrounding areas to join MASC, to make this an election issue and demand that an upgrade of the sewage system take place immediately. The IRSP and MASC believe that this problem needs to be solved as a matter of urgency with the proper sewage infrastructure is in place.